Virginia Oral Health Summit

Virginia Oral Health Summit

2017 Virginia Oral Health Summit

Nature and Nurture:
Recognizing Social Determinants of Health in Oral Health Care
Thursday, November 2, 2017 | Richmond, Virginia

A message from VaOHC executive director, Sarah Bedard Holland:

"Over 200 colleagues, friends and partners gathered together at the 7th Virginia Oral Health Summit; we heard local and national success stories, learned about trauma-informed care, and viewed data and research that reinforced how much place matters when it comes to your health.

Keynote speaker Mary Otto shared her path from reporting on the death of Deamonte Driver, a 12 year old boy who lost his life from a tooth infection, to researching and writing her book Teeth: The Story of Beauty, Inequality, and the Struggle for Oral Health in America.  'It felt like Deamonte held our hand and showed us the complexity of the health care system,' she remarked. Other speakers revealed that home, employment, family, trauma, and myriad other social factors directly influence oral health. The Summit underscored the necessity of addressing the problems facing oral and overall health with a community, state, and federal approach across many disciplines, political interests, and walks of life.

If you attended the 2017 Summit, I hope the experience reaffirmed for you - as it did for me - that change is possible with community and commitment. On behalf of all of us at the Virginia Oral Health Coalition, thank you for being part Virginia's oral health community and working to improve health in all communities across the commonwealth." 

Virginia Oral Health Summit Archives

Our annual Oral Health Summit brings people together to find innovative ways to improve oral health throughout Virginia. Nearly 1,000 stakeholders from dentistry, academia, medicine, business and philanthropy have shared ideas and learned the latest on dental health care trends. 

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Highlights from past years include:

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  • Integrating Dental Health into Primary Care (2013)
  • Oral Disease and Medical Conditions: What is Our Role Today? (2012)
  • Discovering the Gap Between Patient Knowledge and Provider Assumptions (2011)

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