Since the Virginia Oral Health Coalition launched in 2010, we have worked with national and state partners to create the tools and programs necessary to achieve our goal: ensuring all Virginians have access to affordable, comprehensive health care that includes oral health.


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AMERIGROUP Charitable Foundation

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Randy Adams, DDS

Atkins, Maestrello, Miller & Associates

Patricia Bonwell, RDH, BSDH,  MSG, PhD

Tegwyn Brickhouse, DDS, PhD

Brenda & Dennis Buck

Tammy Cahoon Ridout

Stacy Campbell

Howard Chapman

Sarah Clark

CHIP of Virginia

Jacob Cohen, DDS

Dr. Charlie Cuttino

Dental Aid Partners of the NRV

Dental Trade Alliance

Dr. Terry Dickinson

Joseph Dill, DDS

Dominion Foundation Matching Gift Program

Sarah R. Eissler

Dr. Frank Farrington

Dr. Rebecca Filla

Patrick Finnerty

Christine Gibson

Robin Haldiman

Jill Hankin

Hobart Harvey

Hintermann Family Foundation

Mary Hintermann

Myrna S. and William C. Holland

Sarah Huddle

Raidah Hudson, DDS

Anna James

C. William Kirby, DDS

Pamuela Kitner

Dr. Robert Klink

The Jon C. Burr Foundation

Russell Libby, MD, FAAP

Benita Miller, DDS

Kelli Mitchell

Susan Motley

William L. Murray

Northern Virginia Health Foundation

Nurtition Works, LLC, Patricia Young

Debbie Oswalt

Jessica Park

Judith Parker-Falzoi

Nicki Peet

Joan Pellegrini, RDH, PhD

Carole Pratt, DDS

Dr. Helen Ragazzi

Sarah Raskin, MPH

Barbara Rollins

Tricia Rodgers

David Sarrett, DMD, MS

Dr. Jim Schroeder

Lyubov Slashcheva

Dr. William Steele

Margot & Joe Thompson

Beth Vann-Turnbull

Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

Virginia Community Healthcare Association

Virginia Dental Hygienists’ Association

Virginia Health Care Foundation

Linda Wilkinson

Kelly Williams, RDH

Patrice Wunsch, DDS, MS

Patricia Young