The Coalition's Regional Oral Health Alliances are groups of community-based partners who collaborate to improve oral health and overall health for the most vulnerable populations in their regions.

Coalition staff provides tools, resources, and support to alliance members as part of our model of change and collective impact approach.

These diverse groups are open to anyone with an interest in improving oral health, including representatives from health care, human services, education, and economic development, among others.

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Where we Work

What do the Regional Oral Health Alliances do?

Although each alliance has its own goals, plans, and structure, the ultimate purpose is to break down silos to addressing oral health at the regional level and boost our C+ grade on the Virginia Oral Health Report Card

How do I bring a Regional Oral Health Alliance to my area?

The Coalition has fostered region-specific oral health alliances in three areas: Greater Richmond & Petersburg, Northern Virginia, and South Hampton Roads, as well as unique partnerships with local and regional organizations across the entire commonwealth. We are mindful of existing programs, initiatives, and coalitions that are tackling local and regional health issues. If you are interested in growing the capacity of your region to collaborate and improve oral health, either by starting an alliance in your region or embedding oral health into an existing regional coalition, we are here to help.

How is success measured for the Regional Oral Health Allinaces?

We measure success for each alliance in two ways: 

  • Locally- or regionally-specific measures and benchmarks established as part of alliance action plans
  • Improvements on measures graded by the Virginia Oral Health Report Card

How can I get involved in one of the three existing Regional Oral Health Alliances?

We would love to have you join the Regional Oral Health Alliance in your area! Contact us for more information on upcoming meetings.